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10 January 2024

Tom Abinanti on the Importance of "The Necessary Noise"

In this video, Former New York State Assembly Member Tom Abinanti explains the importance of advocates "Making the Noise Necessary" to educate legislators to problems and solutions required to give those in our community managing life threatening allergies confidence that we all have their back with knowledge and epinephrine to help them in an emergency.
17 July 2023

Food Allergy Awareness Day NY '23 Report

By Jon Terry May 18th, 2023 Greetings. I sincerely hope everyone has had a pleasant Memorial Day holiday weekend. On May 2nd, we hosted the annual gathering of advocates for Food Allergy Awareness Day NY 2023 in Albany. After a few years of Zoom advocacy, this was the first time since the pandemic our event was held in person at the state capitol in Albany. With many new legislators to share our concerns with, I think being together face to face made for a much more personal and positive experience.
15 April 2023

Why I Believe Advocacy Is a Journey, Not a Destination.

Co-founder of the Allergy Advocacy Association, Toni Taylor and I are working to create a clearinghouse for allergy and anaphylaxis information by using a program of awareness, alertness and action. We have made progress at the local, state and national level, yet ignorance and apathy remain a threat to individuals and families with life-threatening allergies. We must honor what we have accomplished and keep moving forward to raise awareness of dangerous anaphylactic reactions.