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Legislation Introduced in Florida to Require Adoption of Anaphylaxis Policies in Public Schools

Time to for more states to amend laws that allow epinephrine stocking to requirement bills
beginning text of Florida SB52, a bill to require schools to stock epinephrine

We’re all safer with community based epinephrine. Anaphylaxis can take any of us by surprise, especially those with undiagnosed allergies. Safe, community based epinephrine in public entities of all types has to be supported by legislation.

Dave Bloom at Snack Safely reports on important legislation being sponsored by legislators in Florida that does exactly that in schools. As per the Florida Health Department, schools and other entities in the state are already authorized to stock epinephrine and train staff on when & how to administer it. Building on existing law, the proposed legislation would require schools to do the same. Dave is right, that in the face of inaction at the federal level, it is crucial for states to move quickly to require schools to support their food allergic students with readily availability of epinephrine on campus and ensure staff at levels are trained on when and how to use it.

The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Connection Team tells us that 35 states have passed bills that allow entities of all types to stock epinephrine. For the legislators of those states, it is time for them to work with their local advocacy groups to create legislation requiring epinephrine stocking at all types of entities. As has been found in New York and other states, diagnoses of life-threatening allergies continues to grow in all states, well supported community based epinephrine is a major layer of support in securing the public safety of everyone.