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Epi Delivery Methods

30 August 2023

Two companies developing nasal spray delivery of epinephrine.

Show of hands, who loves needles… anyone? Well for those who don’t, epinephrine delivered via nasal spray has been in development for quite some time. Here’s the update on two promising intranasal models.   ARS Pharma’s nasal spray neffy® is for the treatment of allergic reactions (type 1), including anaphylaxis for adults and children 66+ pounds. Its New Drug Application was accepted by the FDA and has been under review. In June the company announced that the FDA extended the PDUFA approval (prescription drug user fee act) date by 3 months to mid-September for discussions regardin...
27 July 2023

Epi Delivery Methods

The main delivery method for epinephinre is auto injector. Repurpose EAI page from training program.  
17 July 2023

Schools and Locked Up Epinephrine: A Dangerous Situation

Great work is done to pass legislation that supports safe, broad-based availability of epinephrine, resulting in more epinephrine in our schools. It is then discovered that much of that epinephrine is locked up in cabinets, rooms and buildings, far removed from those that might need it. Often the keys can’t be found. Read Jon’s thoughts on potentially dangerous gaps in implementation of legislation, where he refers to a recent article by Lianne Mandelbaum of No Nut Traveler for Allergic Living.