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Epi Near You New York

22 November 2023

What to do for Anaphylaxis at Walt Disney World

On Disney's website, under "Tips to Keep the Whole Family Safe," they suggest you apply sunscreen, hydrate frequently, ensuring your kid(s) knows your phone number, and designate a meeting place if anyone gets lost. But what about preparing for food allergy emergencies? The 32 million Americans managing diagnosed life-threatening allergies need to know. Allergy Advocates New York heard that Disney is the benchmark for entities to stock non-patient-specific epinephrine auto-injectors. Yet, details are missing from the Disney website. If you type "epinephrine" into the Disney search engine,...
27 July 2023

Epi Near You New York

In light of these numbers provided by FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education and the CDC, the safest way your community can be safe from anaphylaxis emergencies is to safely surround everyone epinephrine and knowledge of when and how to administer it. 32 million Americans have life-threatening food allergies. That number includes 2 million New Yorkers* 5.6 million of those are children. That's 200,000 New York children Twenty-five to 30 percent of all anaphylaxis fatalities occur with no previous history of allergies+ From 2007 to 2016 EMS diagnoses of anaphylactic food reactions r...
17 July 2023

Epi Near You New York Update

Epi Near You New York has achieved a milestone in its development. Co-Founder Jon Terry thanks JCC of Rochester and 12 Corners Apothecary for partnering with us to ensure broad based availability of epinephrine. As many organizations have done, staff from JCC Rochester took the course and received certificates of completion and a non-patient-specific prescription for epinephrine. Our new pharmacy partner, 12 Corners Apothecary then received the prescription written by a member of our Medical Advisory Board and dispensed it to JCC Rochester and Allergy Advocacy Association paid for it.


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