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Safely Surround the Community with Epinephrine

19 August 2023

Keeping Track of your EAIs

Epi Reminder, a nifty app using trusted technology makes it possible to crowd source near by epinephrine in the case of anaphylaxis emergencies. Call us intrigued. Keeping Track of your EAIs By Toni Taylor January 20, 2023 Our association is always watching for new ideas, innovations and technology helping individuals and family members with life-threatening allergies. We know from first-hand experience how much support people at risk for anaphylaxis really need every day. In pursuit of our shared goal of not another life lost to life threatening allergies, the focus of the Epi Near Y...
27 July 2023

Community Based Epinephrine Can Save Lives

There are 32 million Americans managing diagnosed life threatening allergies. Of that 32 million, 2 million are New Yorkers. Of that 2 million, there are 200,000 New York children with known, diagnosed allergies. As these numbers continue to rise, for reasons that elude researchers, it suggests that many relatives, friends, and community members don’t know they might be dangerously allergic to something that would trigger a severe reaction. Severe allergic reactions, called anaphylaxis, are sudden, fast moving and potentially life threatening. Epinephrine, which is adrenaline, administered...
26 July 2023

Day Cares Can Stock Epi, NYS Pays

Thanks to the great work of the Elijah Alavi Foundation in shepharding Elijah's Law to final passage in 2016 (check this year), early child care centers in NYS are required to stock epinephrine and be trained in how to use it. New York state pays for the EAIs, making it possible for day care centers to keep their charges safe.