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Safely Surround the Community with Epinephrine

01 April 2024

The Importance of Stocking Epinephrine in Food Service Venues

Everyone is eating more and more food prepared commercially at restaurants of all types. When eating out, those managing diagnosed life threatening food allergies have to be hyper-vigilant in their communications with food service staff at all levels by confirming ingredient lists and the use of effective cross-contamination safety protocols, like those taught by MenuTrinfo. For those with undiagnosed food allergies, they often discover their allergy by having their first anaphylactic reaction while eating out. The remedy for this risk is for food service establishments to stock non-patien...
16 February 2024

College Food Services Can be the Leaders Encouraging Others in Hospitality to Stock Epi.

As reported in the University of Delaware's independent student newspaper, The Review, kudos to the University of Delaware Food Services for joining their counterparts at other colleges stocking epinephrine and training their staff how to use it to keep their food allergic students safe. College is often a young adult's first taste of independence and self advocacy. As other research shows, this is a risky time for those managing allergies completely on their own for the first time.  Because of the broad range of food routinely and safely served in university food services, they are un...
19 August 2023

Keeping Track of your EAIs

Epi Reminder, a nifty app using trusted technology makes it possible to crowd source near by epinephrine in the case of anaphylaxis emergencies. Call us intrigued. Keeping Track of your EAIs By Toni Taylor January 20, 2023 Our association is always watching for new ideas, innovations and technology helping individuals and family members with life-threatening allergies. We know from first-hand experience how much support people at risk for anaphylaxis really need every day. In pursuit of our shared goal of not another life lost to life threatening allergies, the focus of the Epi Near Y...