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College Food Services Can be the Leaders Encouraging Others in Hospitality to Stock Epi.

Restaurant owners should follow the lead of college food service management in safely stocking epinephrine.
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As reported in the University of Delaware's independent student newspaper, The Review, kudos to the University of Delaware Food Services for joining their counterparts at other colleges stocking epinephrine and training their staff how to use it to keep their food allergic students safe. College is often a young adult's first taste of independence and self advocacy. As other research shows, this is a risky time for those managing allergies completely on their own for the first time.  Because of the broad range of food routinely and safely served in university food services, they are uniquely positioned to take the lead safely stocking epinephrine.  Doing so demonstrates to their colleagues in the food and hospitality industry and associated trade groups that stocking epinephrine and training their staff when and how to use it is good for their guests and good for business. The successful example set by the University of Delaware's epinephrine stocking protocol should be expanded to all segments of the food service industry.