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Community Based Epinephrine Can Save Lives

While going about their lives, too many Americans have been lost due to life threatening allergies for want of a basic medication delivered in a timely way. We can do better.
illustration of items in a first aid kit with epinephrine auto injectors in the center against a teal blue background
To create safe spaces those managing allergies, might you consider stocking epinephrine?

There are 32 million Americans managing diagnosed life threatening allergies. Of that 32 million, 2 million are New Yorkers. Of that 2 million, there are 200,000 New York children with known, diagnosed allergies. As these numbers continue to rise, for reasons that elude researchers, it suggests that many relatives, friends, and community members don’t know they might be dangerously allergic to something that would trigger a severe reaction.

Severe allergic reactions, called anaphylaxis, are sudden, fast moving and potentially life threatening. Epinephrine, which is adrenaline, administered quickly by an auto injector is the only means to stop a reaction. Because epinephrine is harmless to everyone else, it should be readily available in the community.

As many are trained in CPR and other community based, life saving activities, we train New Yorkers to recognize when someone is having an anaphylactic reaction and how to administer epinephrine. Gathering places of all types keep AEDs on hand to ensure the safety of their guests. Many also stock epinephrine auto injectors. Entities of all types are encouraged to train themselves and their staff to stock and administer the only medication that stops a potentially deadly reaction. Our friends, family, and colleagues managing allergies need our help.

Won’t you join us in this mission? You can do this!