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27 July 2023

Community Based Epinephrine Can Save Lives

There are 32 million Americans managing diagnosed life threatening allergies. Of that 32 million, 2 million are New Yorkers. Of that 2 million, there are 200,000 New York children with known, diagnosed allergies. As these numbers continue to rise, for reasons that elude researchers, it suggests that many relatives, friends, and community members don’t know they might be dangerously allergic to something that would trigger a severe reaction. Severe allergic reactions, called anaphylaxis, are sudden, fast moving and potentially life threatening. Epinephrine, which is adrenaline, administered...
26 July 2023

Day Cares Can Stock Epi, NYS Pays

Thanks to the great work of the Elijah Alavi Foundation in shepharding Elijah's Law to final passage in 2016 (check this year), early child care centers in NYS are required to stock epinephrine and be trained in how to use it. New York state pays for the EAIs, making it possible for day care centers to keep their charges safe.
17 July 2023

A Skin Patch Could Help Allergic Toddlers Tolerate Peanuts

A skin patch is being developed to help toddlers with peanut allergies increase their tolerance to peanuts, based on a recent clinical trial. While the patch is still in the experimental stage and not yet accessible to the public, it offers a potential solution to reduce severe reactions caused by accidental peanut consumption. In the trial, 67% of treated toddlers demonstrated improved tolerance to peanuts compared to 33.5% in the placebo group. Although the patch had some side effects, it brings hope for improved food allergy treatments in the future. A Skin Patch Could Help Allergic To...
17 July 2023

Does Maternal Peanut Consumption Protect against Infant Peanut Allergies?

BackgroundThe growing incidence of food allergies within the population is a cause for concern, in which research has focussed on alleviating the issue. The growing incidence of allergies is not only a physical issue but also has social and mental health implications. A new paper describes the outcome of exposing infants to peanuts via breastmilk, that is, by maternal consumption of peanuts during lactation. IntroductionPeanut allergy is common in much of the developed world. Many professionals have therefore recommended the early introduction of peanuts into the infant diet, following ...
17 July 2023

Epi Near You New York Update

Epi Near You New York has achieved a milestone in its development. Co-Founder Jon Terry thanks JCC of Rochester and 12 Corners Apothecary for partnering with us to ensure broad based availability of epinephrine. As many organizations have done, staff from JCC Rochester took the course and received certificates of completion and a non-patient-specific prescription for epinephrine. Our new pharmacy partner, 12 Corners Apothecary then received the prescription written by a member of our Medical Advisory Board and dispensed it to JCC Rochester and Allergy Advocacy Association paid for it.
17 July 2023

Schools and Locked Up Epinephrine: A Dangerous Situation

Great work is done to pass legislation that supports safe, broad-based availability of epinephrine, resulting in more epinephrine in our schools. It is then discovered that much of that epinephrine is locked up in cabinets, rooms and buildings, far removed from those that might need it. Often the keys can’t be found. Read Jon’s thoughts on potentially dangerous gaps in implementation of legislation, where he refers to a recent article by Lianne Mandelbaum of No Nut Traveler for Allergic Living.