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Gio's Law

21 November 2023

Local Implementation of Gio's Law Stalled

With a focus on implementation of the legislation passed with your help, there is an update on the local implementation of Gio's Law. The law allows training and stocking for first responders in New York State for cities, towns, and villages of less than 1 million. The allergy community was very excited when it signed into law in late 2019. However, we'll need to address some of the pushback implementation has received at the local level. As reported by Candice Ferrett for Newsday on October 30th*, first responders in towns in Suffolk and Nassau counties are asking that local legislation n...
29 September 2023

Unmasking the Silent Killer: A Tragic Story of Death from Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis, an extreme and potentially life-threatening allergic reaction, is an understated but grave concern for millions worldwide. It can occur suddenly, leaving victims and their loved ones in shock and disbelief. This article explores the tragic story of death from anaphylaxis to shed light on this condition's seriousness and emphasize the importance of education, awareness, and preparedness. The Story Unveiled Meet Georgina, a mom who enjoyed movie nights with her son and watching him play sports. She got thrown into the allergy world because she lost her son, Giovanni, due to an ...