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03 April 2024

Food Allergy Awareness Day – New York State Capital, Albany, May 14, 2024

Even with a cool, soggy start to Spring, it’s always time to think about advocacy and the safety of those more than 2,000,000 New Yorkers managing life threatening allergies. You can register here for or Food Allergy Awareness Day at the Capital in Albany on Tuesday, May 14, 9:30 – 5:00. Make sure your representatives hear from you about the challenges your family faces in managing life threatening allergies and why they need to support legislation addressing affordability and broad-based access to epinephrine. We look forward to seeing you in Albany!
16 February 2024

Study Shows Some Children Avoid Peanuts, Even if Shown to be Safe.

You heard the good news from your allergist that you or your child have a negative oral food challenge to peanuts, meaning small amounts of peanut are safe and actually can help fend off peanut allergies. However, as Healio reports here, many continue avoiding peanut if there are other life threatening allergies in the medical history. While the fear is completely understandable, this approach undermines current guidelines that early, regular introduction of peanut protein under medical guidance can keep life threatening allergies from forming. There is much allergists can do to empower th...
16 February 2024

It's About Confidence

February, 2024 Greetings, It’s about having the confidence in two areas. One is that we can keep ourselves safe in the community by our own action. Two, we need to be surrounded by people who, when necessary are trained and equipped to help us. The stories this month show what happens when these societal promises tragically fail, when they succeed and how the allergy community continues the work to ensure the safety of all who are managing diagnosed life threatening allergies, and those who could be taken by surprise with an undiagnosed allergy. You’ve likely heard the story of a young ...
21 November 2023

Action Awards continue with Giving Tuesday

November, 2023 Greetings, This year's Allergy Action Awards was a great event! We honored our mentors and guiding lights, Ruth T. Cornell and Dr. John J. Condemi, by recognizing the invaluable work of Dr. Anitha Shrikhande and the Honorable Thomas Abinanti. The Allergy Action Awards also reminds all that the work continues and needs your support to succeed. At the season of generosity, Giving Tuesday is on November 28th. Please consider how you can support your values by contributing what you can in time and financial support. No amount of either is too small and will be deeply appreciat...
21 November 2023

Jon's Annual Gratitude List

December, 2023 Season's Greetings! I sincerely hope you and your families are safe and healthy. During every holiday season, Yours Truly must focus on thinking and feeling humble and grateful. I believe that's particularly true this year; at such a challenging time for Americans everywhere, our organization has made pretty good progress in 2023. And when optimism is available only in limited quantities (supply chain issues?) and so many difficult problems are looming on the horizon, I'm actually feeling cautiously optimistic. Call me a cockeyed optimist if you want, but I swear it's true....
16 September 2023

Researchers Find Common Origin Behind Food Allergy, Eczema, Asthma and Hay Fever

By Dave Bloom 2023/09/05 Allergic diseases affect hundreds of millions of children worldwide and continue to increase in prevalence. These rising rates have coincided with social and environmental changes that have had an intergenerational impact on the microbes and their collective genes that make up our microbiota. You may be familiar with the term atopic march which refers to the typical progression of allergic diseases that often begin early in life. These include atopic dermatitis (eczema), food allergy, allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and asthma...