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21 November 2023

Action Awards continue with Giving Tuesday

November, 2023 Greetings, This year's Allergy Action Awards was a great event! We honored our mentors and guiding lights, Ruth T. Cornell and Dr. John J. Condemi, by recognizing the invaluable work of Dr. Anitha Shrikhande and the Honorable Thomas Abinanti. The Allergy Action Awards also reminds all that the work continues and needs your support to succeed. At the season of generosity, Giving Tuesday is on November 28th. Please consider how you can support your values by contributing what you can in time and financial support. No amount of either is too small and will be deeply appreciat...
16 September 2023

Researchers Find Common Origin Behind Food Allergy, Eczema, Asthma and Hay Fever

By Dave Bloom 2023/09/05 Allergic diseases affect hundreds of millions of children worldwide and continue to increase in prevalence. These rising rates have coincided with social and environmental changes that have had an intergenerational impact on the microbes and their collective genes that make up our microbiota. You may be familiar with the term atopic march which refers to the typical progression of allergic diseases that often begin early in life. These include atopic dermatitis (eczema), food allergy, allergic rhinitis (hay fever) and asthma...
16 September 2023

October, 2023 - Allergy Action Awards

Greetings!   As you can see, the Allergy Advocacy Association has a new name, new look and sharper focus.   Our new name, Allergy Advocates New York reflects directly feedback from advocates over the years as well as a forthright look on the impact we've since our founding in 2010.  Over the years, our work has focused on safely surrounding the 2 million New Yorkers managing their life threatening with epinephrine and community members who know how and are equipped to administer it. Coordinating annual legislative activities in Albany creates a space for advocates acr...
19 August 2023

More Families Suffering Epinephrine “Sticker Shock” Due to High-Deductable Plans

The health exchanges created in response to the passage of the Affordable Care Act have been very helpful in helping more people get access to affordable health care. Many of the lower cost plans have high deductibles, often increasing the cost of EAIs for families managing life threatening allergies. More Families Suffering Epinephrine “Sticker Shock” Due to High-Deductable Plans With the new year, Neri was shocked to learn that a twin pack of the exact same epinephrine would cost her $600, meaning her out-of-pocket costs would balloon 20-fold to $2,400. “It was a little embarrassing ...
17 August 2023

People with Allergies Have to Be a Lot More Careful in 2023

While FASTER being the law of the land as of January 1, 2023, Lauren Harkawik details how food manufacturers are working against the intent of the Act by adding sesame to more foods and including it on all labels. While some grocers, restaurants and manufacturers are implementing FASTER correctly (nice job Whole Foods) many are using this work around that is endangering our community. People With Allergies Have to Be a Lot More Careful in 2023 Order of Olive Garden Breadsticks, which now contain sesame By Lauren Harkawik January 12, 2023 On January 1, the FASTER Act (which stands for F...
10 August 2023

Study Finds People of Color Have More Food Allergies than White People

Like in other areas of our healthcare system where inequities are found, people of color have more food allergies. Jen Christensen of CNN writes of a study by Dr. Mahboobeh Mahdavinia and Dr. Ruchi Gupta that confirms that this is happening. The call for more research into why this is the case is key to remedying this situation. Read the details here. Study Finds People of Color Have More Food Allergies than White People By Jen Christensen, CNNJune 14, 2023 People of color and those in lower income brackets seem to be disproportionately affected by food allergies, compared with people...