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Action Awards continue with Giving Tuesday

Thanks to all for joining us at the Action Awards and continuing in the spirit of Giving Tuesday.

November, 2023


This year's Allergy Action Awards was a great event! We honored our mentors and guiding lights, Ruth T. Cornell and Dr. John J. Condemi, by recognizing the invaluable work of Dr. Anitha Shrikhande and the Honorable Thomas Abinanti.

The Allergy Action Awards also reminds all that the work continues and needs your support to succeed. At the season of generosity, Giving Tuesday is on November 28th. Please consider how you can support your values by contributing what you can in time and financial support. No amount of either is too small and will be deeply appreciated.

This month, you have a report from Disney Land in Orlando, Florida reminding us that while Disney is well known for being very supportive of their guests managing life-threatening allergies, there is still room for improvement.

With a focus on implementation of the legislation passed with your help, you have an article about Gio's Law. The law addresses training and stocking all first responders in New York State. The allergy community was very excited when it passed back in (find the right year). However, we'll need to address some of the pushback implementation has received at the local level.

New delivery methods that make epinephrine easier to administer are always of interest. Back in September, in a surprise move, the FDA rejected the first nasal delivery of epinephrine, Neffy by ARS Pharmaceuticals. Join Dave Bloom at in calling for the FDA to approve Nasal Epinephrine by signing the petition here.