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Study Shows Some Children Avoid Peanuts, Even if Shown to be Safe.

Avoiding foods you're not allergic to can increase risk of developing allergies.
4 sets of white children's hands holding unshelled nuts

You heard the good news from your allergist that you or your child have a negative oral food challenge to peanuts, meaning small amounts of peanut are safe and actually can help fend off peanut allergies. However, as Healio reports here, many continue avoiding peanut if there are other life threatening allergies in the medical history. While the fear is completely understandable, this approach undermines current guidelines that early, regular introduction of peanut protein under medical guidance can keep life threatening allergies from forming.

There is much allergists can do to empower their patients with the confidence that with a negative oral food challenge to peanuts in hand, accidental exposure to peanut can be safe.